Reinventing industry

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Moment after moment, the world asks for faster and more accurate decisions. As fast as our time is, technology is more than an ally – it is a vector for transformation. It is a tool in our daily lives, allowing humankind to make exponential forward leaps by delivering the right answer at the right time and thus opening paths to make our world more efficient.

Learn more about i.Systems, know who we are, what moves us and why we are here.

Our Founders

  • "I've always wanted to gather people who want to change the world and today I can experience it. If you want to work with technology to reduce the environmental impact of industry on the planet and leave a positive legacy for society, here is your place. Our goal is ambitious and we welcome every aid to achieve it".
    Danilo Halla i.Systems COO
  • "We have a very talented team engaged in making a better world, something I have always wanted. Learning, diversity, and great commitment are part of our daily life. i.Systems is more than a job – it is a mission to make humankind more sustainable. We live by our values and our purpose".
    Igor Santiago i.Systems CEO
  • "I feel fantastic daily success to be able to create products with the aid of amazing people. Working in a welcoming environment such as i.Systems, where we can see innovation in industry being built, is a great opportunity that should be taken advantage of by people who feel like going beyond and identify with us".
    Ronaldo Silva i.Systems CIO

We are here to make the world more efficient

To daily put our purpose into practice, we think about the impact our work can generate on the industrial chain, on the environment and on society. We are here to increase the efficiency of industries and, consequently, of the world, and we do this by offering artificial intelligence-based solutions in an innovative way: simplifying the way people and data relate.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion

The amalgamation of different minds, beliefs and personalities is valued and encouraged here at i.Systems. Our space seeks to be diverse through inclusion and acceptance: we want people feeling confident about expressing themselves and contributing with all their uniqueness in the construction of our journey. With dialogue and respect, we encourage personal and professional development of people so that they can realize one thing: how meaningful their work can be.

The results of trust

We feel that it is our duty to return to society sustainable solutions, disruptive technologies and professionals interested in continuous self-improvement. Cooperation bears some incredible fruit that make us believe that nothing is impossible.

  • These values direct us.
  • Result Orientation We always exceed our goals.
  • Teamwork Only as a team will we overcome our results.
  • Empowerment We have the power to influence the future of the company.
  • Belonging We belong in a group that shares goals and values.
  • Transparency We act in an honest, clear, and sincere way in our relationships.

These pillars strengthen us

  • Diversity The possibility of flourishing individually to the maximum form of authenticity, making a plural group in a single singularity.
  • Trust It is the foundation that secures good relationship, in which two or more parties can meet a purpose.

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